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Cards Of Chaos is a fun packed game for everyone. Outsmart your opponents by playing the right cards at the right time. Fill up the minigame pile to start minigames where you can eliminate your opponents for card and gold rewards!

You can play offline against AI opponents or invite your friends over for a local game of fun. Or just play against your internet friends over online multiplayer!

Cards of Chaos on Steam

The goal

Collect gold from the board, from minigames or by stealing from other players. Be careful though, because you just might lose it all before you can secure it!

Deliver your collected gold to secure it. The first player to secure the complete amount first wins the game.


  • Paint Party - Paint the arena in your color and get the most percent before time runs out.
  • Bomb Up! - Don't be holding the bomb once it explodes!
  • Stackers - Stack blocks of your color to gain points
  • Gold Rush - Collect yellow coins and avoid red coins while trying to push your opponents off the arena
  • Find out the rest for yourself!

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